The Space

Taxi-Rehearsal-IMG_5998 Taxi-Rehearsal-IMG_6031 Taxi-Rehearsal-IMG_6045 Taxi-Rehearsal-IMG_5703 Taxi-Rehearsal-IMG_5709 Taxi-Rehearsal-IMG_5734 Taxi-Rehearsal-IMG_5741 Taxi-Rehearsal-IMG_5777 Taxi-Rehearsal-IMG_5784 Taxi-Rehearsal-IMG_5809 Taxi-Rehearsal-IMG_5826 Taxi-Rehearsal-IMG_5851 Taxi-Rehearsal-IMG_5918The Space

When I found out they were writing new material the thought of tagging along for an evening intrigued me so.. I headed out to their rehearsal space in Chicago to document an evening with AM Taxi. ©2013 Corey R. Minkanic.


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