Thank You

It’s not often that I publish a photo of myself, let alone express my feelings to many. For the past fourteen plus years there has been one constant in my life and that was my Cattle Dog-Pointer mix, Zoe. Through thick and thin, she was always there. She was my travel partner, my office companion, my hiking partner, my sanity when things got rough and generally.. The best pal you could ever ask for. If you don’t have pets you may not understand but I contribute a lot of who I am and my accomplishments to having her in my life. I adopted her just after my rocky teenage years and after the tragedy of losing a close personal friend. I have to thank old Zo for filling so many voids, for being there to take the stroll in the woods every day, for being there to help clear my head and push on. With all that, a few weeks ago Zoe suddenly fell ill and I had to say goodbye. She had a good life, a long life but I guess that never makes it much easier when the time comes. I miss you my friend, more than words can spell out. The best thing I can say is thank you, thanks for being part of my life. I have a hunch, you feel the same. This photo is from our favorite spot, a secluded section of Starved Rock State Park. IMG_2450e


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