Shelter Friends

I felt is necessary to follow up after my last somewhat different post, different as far as photo blogs go anyway. After all, we are human, and the heart is something that should be shared.

After the loss of my longtime friend Zoe I decided to once again, adopt. Red, or the ‘Dingo’ as we call him, is my new pal and I found Red through the Australian Cattle Dog Rescue of Illinois. He’s somewhere around one and a half years old and was dumped back at the organization by his previous owners for reasons unknown, devastated I’m sure he was. With that and to the point I’ve been documenting Red’s life since coming aboard. He seems to be quite happy as am I, just a great fit for my lifestyle as the images show. Now, after spending some time looking at all the homeless pets out there. Please, just don’t shop, adopt. There are even breed specific rescues as I used. Here are some images of Red’s (AKA Dingo’s) first couple weeks in his forever home. I’ve just been documenting every aspect as we get going wtih everyday life. Enjoy my friends, it’s pure joy. ©2015 Corey R. Minkanic





redIMG_1334 redIMG_1395


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